Cicely Tyson is an American actress and singer who had some notable credits in her early career. She had a role in the Clint Eastwood western, Wild Bill or the Man With One Red Shoe, as well as the Mickey Mouse cartoon, The Moose Hunt. She later went on to appear in a number of films including Easy Way, Love, and Saturday Night Fever. Cicely has also had a role in the television show Smallville, as well as the video game Gran Turismo, which she voices. Cicely is best known for her roles as a member of the pit crew in the video game Metal Gear Solid, as well as in the novel Steel Lance.

Cicely was born in segregated Louisiana and was a child of a union worker, as were many of her friends from her childhood. She moved away as a young adult and became a singer. Her first major break came with the song, Reach for the Sky, and since then she has gone on to star in a number of successful songs and made several movies.

She is best known for her roles as Vivienne Westwood in the movie Steel Magnolias, as Anna Kournikova in the movie Pushkins, and as a singer/songwriter/actor in the movie A Time to Kill. She also appeared in the film version of Grease, as well as on the television series Angel.

Cicely is not just a talented actress that can sing, but also one that can do a lot of acting. She has appeared in a number of different movies and also appeared on a number of TV shows, including Angel.

She has also become one of the few black actresses in Hollywood, as well as one of the few female acting talents with a number of singing credentials. She has proven herself to be one of the more versatile and popular of black women and is not afraid to take on some strong roles in movies and television.