How Did Larry King Die?

Larry King, the controversial talk show host, and talk show impresario, has died. He was at home in his bed on January 21st, peacefully, according to his family. His close family members say he suffered a heart attack and passed away peacefully. King had been with hospice care several times over the last year as he dealt with cancer that his family says he didn’t have.

In the hours leading up to the shock of his death, many people were speculating how did Larry king die? Was it a car accident? A suicide? An intruder? Many say his manner of demise fits into all three theories, but one seems to be more prevalent.

The statement said he had been receiving treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

It did not specify the cause of death, but King was recently hospitalized with Covid-19 and had endured health problems for many years, including a near-fatal stroke in 2019 and diabetes.

There were several rumors that have swirled surrounding his death, most of which have turned out to be false. So exactly how did Larry King die?

King died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, his production company, Ora Media, tweeted. No cause of death was given, but a spokesperson said Jan. 4 that King had COVID-19, had received supplemental oxygen, and had been moved out of intensive care. His son Chance Armstrong also confirmed King’s death, CNN reported. Because of this, no further medical treatment was available until his medical examiner arrived to determine how Larry king died.

Does this bring us to the next theory on “how did Larry king die”? His family noticed that he had become very lethargic and sleepy after spending some time at home over Thanksgiving. They also noticed that he didn’t want to get up when they asked him to do so. When his wife, Lynn, asked him why he just said he was too tired.

This story paints a very grim picture of Larry King’s life and death. While he did have some form of lung cancer was speculated, it did not have the severity of toxicity that is present with regular smoking, alcohol abuse, or lung cancer. It also did not lead to pneumonia or heart failure. This is consistent with information provided about him by his former employer, KGBC (which was syndicated by Variety Magazine).

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Some of the information that was circulating around Southwick while he was alive included mentions of him being a heavy smoker, a frequent drinker, and a person who took large quantities of Valium. However, none of these things were true. He did admit to having a bottle of Valium on him at all times, but he also said he did not smoke, drink alcohol, or take drugs while at work.

There are many other inconsistencies with this information as well. Larry King died in January of 2021, which was within weeks of his former employer having to issue a recall on all of their pharmacies. Is this wasn’t enough of a reason for the public to demand an investigation into “how did Larry king die”?

What exactly is it that has caused the media to focus on this case? The answer has a lot to do with how quickly details are shared through various mediums, and how those mediums are able to remain active in the aftermath of major events. People tend to forget when something such as this happens that something important happened in their lives. Within weeks of the revelation of the death of Larry King, there were numerous stories, comments, theories, and tweets being posted online about the death, and a vast number of people seem willing to believe almost anything that they read on the internet relating to this case.