Larry King, former King of California and past television host on CNN, wrote an amazing life story. In his book, “You’ve Been Loved and Lost,” (co-written with Mark Boesch), the well-known commentator reveals how he overcame numerous health challenges to become what he is today. The results of King’s long illness are were revealed through his writings. He tells how he almost lost his life, but how he stayed strong throughout it, and how he learned to not fear illness but embrace it instead. His words help readers gain a perspective on longevity and how it can be applied in their lives.

Larry King has been confirmed dead at the age of 87. With the last remaining flame in Larry King’s lifetime extinguished, let’s celebrate the time he had with those who loved him. He shares how he was inspired by the true story of an African American woman, Mae Adams, who became a celebrated author, publisher, speaker, and activist. She experienced all the challenges that many people of color face in this day and age, and he shares how she persevered. As he says of her, “She always looked at things from the bright side, always optimistic and never negative.”

Mae’s brother, Sam, described his sister as “a shining example of how you can look at life with a positive attitude and deal with problems and difficulties, even when you don’t like them.” Larry King’s upbeat optimism is seen as he discusses his cancer diagnosis, which came as a shock to him. But he continues with a positive tone, saying that he looks forward to seeing his co-workers when he gets better. He expresses hope that he’ll be able to talk about his diagnosis on his talk show and on his or tv show.

Larry King reveals how he came to write his book, What Color is Your Parachute, about his experiences growing up in segregated Alabama. He tells how his father was arrested on suspicion of carrying guns after a visit to a white plantation. His mother was thrown out of her job and he was separated from his sister at birth. King was just 7 years old at the time. He was sent to live with an aunt and uncle in rural Alabama, where he endured the racial injustices that are still prevalent today.

The author reveals how his family couldn’t afford to move to another part of the country, so they wound up in what was once called the Deep South. He shares how his aunt would send him to the bus station to pick him up every day, sometimes for hours. When he got home, his mother would cook him some chicken or pork ribs so he could eat in peace. That is, until one day his aunt asked him to get help from someone to wash the dog, Larry King discovered his calling.

The controversial book has been contentious since the very first day it hit the shelves. Many publishers felt it was a tasteless gimmick and pulled it from bookstores. Larry King’s reputation took a huge hit, as well as that of the now-deceased Dr. King, who was quoted extensively throughout the book. In fact, according to biographers, Dr. King wrote most of the text himself.

A year later, The Life of Larry King was made available to satellite television viewers. Most people thought it was a great idea. Many who hadn’t even heard of Dr. King, saw how it incorporated his own views of race relations and dealt with issues surrounding his death. Some who were very critical of the novel saw how relevant it really was, and they praised it for being a new direction for black Americans reading.

Others thought it was simply a cheap opportunity for some black Americans to sit in front of their white counterparts and be interviewed.

As the years went by, many people have criticized the debatable book as over-long and filled with fabricated stories. Many even felt it was unnecessary for King to write about such mundane subjects as day-to-day personal experiences. On the other hand, not only did the book give insight into the complicated relationship King had with his family, but it gave insight into the complex man who led the charge against segregation.

Reading The Life of Larry King is an enlightening experience for many who have never heard the story before. While there are many who will likely find the content to be disturbing, for those who find it riveting, it is a great historical read.

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