The Power of Humor

Sure you can have some relief with humor or else why do people pay for the comedy shows and those comedy channels? You can also use it to ease tension, find a great bargain, keep your children in their seats you name it. There are a thousand and one uses of humor, but it leads to the ultimate goal; laughter.

Laughter is powerful, and much more powerful than most people think.

You can make women laugh and fall in love with you.

That sounds like a pretty bold claim doesn’t it? Let me explain.

Human beings have an obsessive desire to remain consistent. It is to a large extent unrealistic to dislike the person who has already made you genuinely laugh, as you can resolve the conflicts and incongruity between laughter (liking someone) and disliking someone.

The Power of Humor In Relationships

In other words, women are easily drawn to a guy who makes them laugh consistently. This is even more potent when infused with wits, intelligence and confidence. Don’t go acting like a clown though. Once someone was able to make you laugh, it will be very unlikely if you still portray a repulsive attitude towards that person.

Therefore, employ laughter to engage with people of all shades. never use it to exploit the vulnerable for it’s inhuman. The more people you could make to laugh, the better it gets as an social skill. You see, attraction is derived from the feeling of happiness and happiness is strongly linked to laughter.

It’s very likely that you’ve been able to make many people laugh at one time or the other, and sometimes you can get pretty good at it with a particular individual or at some particular circumstances.

Sure, all of us can crack a joke or two. Sometimes we can be quite funny for a whole night… Can we all do it time after time, night after night? How can you acquire the secrets that will make humor a natural part of you so that it’s effortless to be humorous and charming?

The Art of Humor

Some guys talk about the “art” of making women laugh.

Sure, they can call themselves “artists” as they like, but the problem is… once something becomes an art, you won’t have rules to rely on and you can’t measure the results. Making women laugh suddenly becomes an uncertain event.

But the fact is…Making women laugh is a science.

The fact is human beings’ reactions to different types of “humor stimuli” are predictable.

And there are tested-and-proven methods to match a humorous line and a subject’s education, personality, and cultural to create laughter.

Any man, regardless of looks, intelligence, education, personality, can learn the techniques of humor and laughter and develop his own style of humor as an art and science.